Ultrasonic Technique Development


Interwav has an extensive history of developing Phased Array Ultrasonic Techniques for first-of-a-kind applications.  These projects typically require the fabrication of mock ups containing simulated flaws, the selection of ultrasonic hardware followed by laboratory development where essential variables are defined based on required sensitivity and inspection efficiency. A technical report can be generated that documents technique parameters with supporting data plus customer demonstrations. 


Procedure Development


Nondestructive ultrasonic inspections are performed following written procedure that describes valid applications for the technique, system calibration steps, defines required hardware, lists essential parameter values and establishes acceptance/reject criteria.  Interwav produces easy to follow written procedures which includes instrument specific "cook book" steps to assist operators.  This approach minimizes training and greatly assists technicians with instrument functions.  Interwav procedures are ASNT UT Level III approved and signed. 


Inspection Services

Training Services


Interwav owns portable Ultrasonic Phased Array hardware and can provide specialized inspection services upon request.  Interwav also contracts to provide automated data analysis services as well as third party oversight.  


Interwav has qualified personnel to provide specialized training services related to ultrasonic inspection.  Interwav provides hands-on training for all written procedures and assists with field implementation to assure acceptable technician proficiency.